Who we are

James Browne - Manager

James is responsible for the day to day running of Three Maids Chasers. He takes the bookings and meets riders at the course when they arrive. He also makes sure that take-offs, landings and fences are all in good order, and carries out the myriad other tasks that go towards maintaing our high standards. He can often be seen around the place with his faithful labrador Heskey, mending this or inspecting that.

Katie Browne - Events Manager

Katie is the driving force behind the various events which we hold each year. From organising our Adult Camps to helping to co-ordinate with Pony Club Camp organisers, her unflappable nature and organisational skills ensure that everything runs smoothly. She is also the culinary genius behind the legendary catering on offer at our residential camps.

Simon Browne - dogsbody

Simon lends a hand where it is needed, whether that is with moving jumps or meeting riders when James has a rare day off. He also helps out with the organisation and running of events. He is often to be seen inspecting the crops and walking the dogs.

Three Maids Chasers
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