Important Information and Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I arrive?

Please follow the signs to the lorry park. As soon as you can arrive you can begin tacking up and getting ready for your ride. There will be someone on hand to meet you when you arrive. They will sign you in and take payment from you.


How do I pay?

You can pay by cash or by cheque. The person who meets you when you arrive will take the money from you.


What about insurance?

We carry Public Liability insurance through NFU Mutual for the use of these facilities but please note that you park your vehicle at your own risk and we can take no responsibility for damage to it  or loss from it.


Can I bring my dog?

Sadly, we do not permit dogs at Three Maids Chasers, even if they are kept on leads. We respectfully ask that you leave your canine companions at home.


Is there a time limit?

No - once you have paid you can stay all day if you want!


Are there loos at Three Maids Chasers?

Yes - ask the person who meets you when you arrive to show you where they are.


Can I come by myself?

As a rule we ask that people come either with a riding companion or with a spectator on foot - this is for safety reasons. However, if we are not too busy, James may be able to perform this role for you. We do ask that you raise this issue when you book, so that James is aware of your requirement.


Can I bring spectators?

Of course - we actively encourage parents, friends and supporters to come along. We especially like it when they take pictures or videos and upload them to our Facebook page.


Can I use my car/bicycle on the Schoooling Field and Hunter Trial Course?

We do not normally allow vehicles onto the course except in exceptional circumstances. If you need to take a  vehicle onto the course, this must be agreed at the time of booking. No lorries or trailers will be allowed onto the course at all and no quads or motorcycles. Bicycles ridden by an adult only  may accompany a rider around the course. Please ensure that you make us aware when you sign on of your intention to be accompanied by a cyclist so that we may issue suitable safety instructions.


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